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Miss.Hillary Muff

I am well reviewed across the map. From the west coast to the east coast! You can read all of my reviews on my yahoo group! (link is on my home page) My TER NUMBER IS 125759 .Over 80+ reviews!

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Review Duo with my Girlfriend

RECOMMEND: yes for sureREPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?)COMMENTS:I have to say muff and Riley were perfect. I on the other was late for the appointment. After I finally arrived to the house, the two ladies meet me at the door with a kiss. We went up stairs we talked for awhile and then moved to the bed. At this point I am thinking which one of these ladies was I going to start with. Well to my surprise I was not in charge which was okay with me. I was pushed back in the bed and the two ladies went to work.I have seen miss muff before so I knew here skills were great but Riley oh my god she blew me away with the no gag reflex. She is the first no gag reflex woman I have been with. Okay back to the review I almost went some where else. So after the two of them were giving me head Riley sat on my face and I drove her crazy with my tongue. We then switched places I begin to go to work on muff while Riley was playing with her self which was so hot. This duo was awesome I was like a kid in the candy shop I just didn't know what to do or who to eat first. We then moved to mish I fucked muff first then into doggy. Saw Riley over on the side feeling Lonely and I couldn't have that so I gave her a friend to play with until I popped. This was the best duo I have had in along time. It was fun can't wait for the second coming of this.

Review TNA


 RECOMMEND: yes!REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) of courseCOMMENTS: I'd wanted to see Ms.Muff for a long time, but there was just never a good time when I was in her neighborhood.  When I was browsing the board and saw she was in mine for a few days I knew now was the time.  I texted her for an appointment the following morning.  I called her a few minutes before to confirm, and I was pleasantly surprised at how mature, intelligent, and easy-going she sounded over the phone.She met me at the door wearing very sexy lingerie that showed off the highlights and I was very pleased.  She greeted me with a hug and a hungry kiss, and it's like we were immediately old lovers.  From the moment we were in each others company I felt wanted and welcome.  She was encouraging as my hands went everywhere they wanted to go.  The clothes didn't last long and we were making out on the bed, and the warm, soft, enthusiastic BBBJ was off to a great start.  She is an absolute pro at this.  She used just the right amount of saliva, just the right pressure, at just the right speed.  After a while I asked her to shift to a 69 and she didn't skip a beat.  I tirelessly licked and sucked at her pussy, driven on by the great job she was doing on my cock.While I would have happily let her continue and suck the load out right there, the time felt right (you all know that feeling) to move on to the main event.  On went the cover and I dove right in with missionary.  All that energy she put into sucking my dick had me charged up and feeling great.  I held tight to her soft body, her warm skin pressed to mine and I was in heaven.  I was drawn into the rhythm and it didn't take long for me to spill into that condom.I realize we're not all attracted to bigger women.  But those of you that are understand what I'm talking about.  That warm excitement of pressing up against and into a woman who wraps herself tightly around you, coupled with experiencing a partner who TRULY loves what she's doing and sharing it with you is something I hope I never stop doing.After that we talked, laughed and just got good and personal.  Then she got frisky again and it started all over.  I didn't cum for her again, but we both gave it a hell of an effort until we'd spent well more than the hour I had asked for.Thanks Hillary, it was truly a memorable experience.  I hope you'll let me know next time you're in my neighborhood, as I don't always check the board often enough.

Review TNA 

 I have been meaning to see her again for a very long time but I couldn't seem to get my schedule to work out. Finally I was able to see her. We hadn't seen each other for a while. First off she looks amazing...she's lost some weight although that's never bothered me. I love bigger women. She took me to her room and told me to get naked. Like I can resist a request like that!!!! We layed in bed snuggling and catching up on what's goin on in our lives. After a bit of that then we started making out like lovers do after a long time away from each other then I moved down to her beautiful sweet pussy for about 20 minutes. After enjoying her delicious pussy she came and I couldn't stop. She made me stop because she was super sensitive and needed a minute to catch her breath and rest. Then she gave me the grown woman head that will turn your world upside down!!!! After I came...she got a towel and cleaned me up. Then she climbed back on the bed for some cuddle time. After a few minutes she asked if I was ready to go again...and got right to giving some more head without me even answering. After I was ready to go we got into doggy and I plowed away. She feels so amazing and the view is quite a sight!!! After I came we cuddled some more and finally I got dressed. She walked me to the door gave me a kiss and I was on my way. Another wonderful memory with Hillary!!!! Hillary...you're the greatest!!!! You'll always be my All Time Favorite!!!! Can't wait to see you again!!!!!!!!!!


Review Jan TNA

RECOMMEND: YesREPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) Yes, have seen her beforeCOMMENTS:I wouldn't call myself a regular but I have seen Ms Muff on 3 occasions, the latest in MLT in November-She always puts effort into getting ready for the appointment and always has great enthusiasm. This time was no exception. She has been losing weight and looks great. She was wearing the black wig that she wears in some of her pictures, with a short tight skirt and super sexy heels-Perfect!-We had some small talk about the buisness and the Pittsburgh Steelers and then got down to buisness. I love Ms Muff's sexy thick body and my hands were all over the place. Her tits are fantastic. I was in the mood for a little cock worshiping and Ms Muff knows what she is doing. She then got on top of me for some simulated cowgirl and I went to town on her tits. Concluded with a HJ/BJ and my sperm went flying. She actually apologized when she wasn't able to catch my sperm in the air-That's what I call serviceBottom line-all great experiences and can't wait for the next-In fact I think she is in my neck of the woods now and I will try to sneak away


Hillary's a lot of fun. She's accommodating, interesting to talk to, and very chill.

I showed up, we chit-chatted a bit, and got down to business. She's a nice kisser, which proceeded to get us both naked.

A very good bbbj proceeded my sucking on her more than ample breasts. By, those things are fun.

Proceeded to enter her mish. Nice and wet, surprisingly tight. Turned her over for doggie. Slapped that big butt a bit. Let go in this position.

I turned over and we chatted for a while more. After finding some items of mutual interest. I cleaned up and left. If I wasn't limited on time, I probably would have stayed for another round.



"I knew she would be a big girl and that she was no young spring chicken. However, when I arrived at her hotel I was surprised and she looked younger than her pics looked and closer to her posted age of 33. It was also nice to see she was not as heavy as I thought and was at just the right size for what I was looking for.

She met me at the door in sexy lingerie and greeted me with a deep passionate kiss, which was a very nice way to get the session started. We laid on the bed and kissed some more before I decided for some DATY action. She tasted very good and came a couple of times while doing this. I went back up and alternated between kissing her big tits and her sensuous lips. She then decided to lay me on my back and give me quite possibly the best BBBJ I have ever had. If I had an hour to stay with her, I would have let myself finish in her mouth, but I can't do 2 rounds in 30 minutes. I let it go as long as I could before I had to get inside her.

The only drawback to Hillary is that she doesn't do cowboy, my favorite position. However, we had a very nice session of doggie and mish where we came together. She washed me off and we chatted for a couple minutes. I was there for longer than my 30 minutes and was not rushed at all. I really can't wait to see her again and plan on going back for at least an hour."



Review Nov-2012 TER

 "When I walked in, she offered the bathroom and I happily obliged to wash my hands and clean up. She is very accommodating with towels available and candles lit, with mellow music playing. The lights are dim and relaxing. She knows how to set the mood.

After about 5 minutes of chat, we got to business. She asked if I would like a condom for the oral, which I DEFINITELY declined... I was there for her advertised BBBJ that was fantastic. She uses tons of spit, no teeth, and good deep throat. She said she watches a lot of porn so she loves to suck dick like they do in pornos. Who am I to complain!

After about 10 minutes of good sucking, she asked if I want to fuck. Since I was really just in the mood for a good blowjob, I told her to stay down for a while longer, and she very happily accommodated my request. She is the most willing to please of any provider I have been with. The man's satisfaction is #1 priority for the girl, and there if little, if anything, she won't do.

I wanted to see those tits a little better, so I asked if I could titty fuck her, which she said she loves! I got on top and straddled her chest, burying my cock between her love pillows. She used some lube and it was very nice. I could have popped there but I wanted to return to the blow job, so we switched back to that position. She was stroking me good and I asked if I could give her a facial. She got on her knees on the floor while I stood in front of her, stroking my cock. She said not to get it in her eyes or hair, so I shot a huge load all over her closed mouth. It was quite a shot, and she even said "wow, that would make a nice picture." Yes, it would have.

She cleaned herself up and offered me a hot towel, and I cleaned up and was on my way. Very good provider, very much willing to provide fantasy relief for someone that has some fetishes. Go see her guys."



Fetish Review Jun-2012

"I entered, gave her the present and we got down to business.

I stripped to a bra and panty set I had worn to the appointment. She was delighted and called me bitch boy and said I was going to please her. She was great at humiliation and especially small dick humiliation. She told me of her love of BBC and described many adventures with real men with real dicks. I was forced to worship her bottom and her plump and oh so wet pussy. She was very verbal with what she needed and i worked up to a huge orgams. Then more body orship than back to DATY and DATO for hwr second.

She then took me, fairly soft, into her mouth and used both mouth and hands to get me off which she took in her mouth fully. Then came the best part, she spit it into my mouth and made me show her my mouth full of my own splooge and then swallow. By now, we were nearing the end of my time based on my original appointment time and h energy level in the room wsa pretty spent, so i figured that when she came back from the bathroom, she would ease me on my way, fully happy and with a smile on my face. But to my delight, when she got back she had me get on the bed and she then said "I need some more of that mouth and I need to cum again". She had me lie with my head near the foot of the bed and she crawled on top of me and sat her full body on my face. The result was that my head was a little lower then my feet and I was buried in her fleshy thighs and pussy. I went to work and she was good a t letting me breathe as she flooded my face with juice, more juice and even more juice. She worked herself up, totally in control, then pulled her labia wide and shoved her clot on my tongue and told me to lick hard. I did and was rewarded with yet another explosion. She crawled off me and again, I figured that this was it. But she said she wanted to see my jizz spurt out and had me masturbate. She did a little tongue action and some hand help, but for the most part it was me jacking off and her humiliating me and my small cock and how soft ti was. When I was at the edge, she got her breasts righ there and I cummed over them. of course a round of tongue cleaning followed and we lay there together exchanging dirty thoughts.

Throughout out the date, she kept talking dirty and we both exchanged fantasies and past experiences each one dirtier than the previous. While she isn't a Domme, she is quite the dirty minded girl, said in the most positive of fashions. At one pint, she said its great talking like this because we don't know how much of what the other is saying is true. Her evil grin said it all.

If you like round, soft flesh, a great BBBJTCIM, fetish talk, down and dirty oral, huge bottoms, face sitting etc, this is one helluva great broad!

I left with well over the specified play time from when I arrived, and I actually said I have to be leaving, she didn't rush me out. I think if you are into her, she gives her all. I think she could also play you as well. But this is one fabulous date if you lik e her thing."



"I've been following Miss Muff's posts for a long time and my
imagination has run wild. I've also been to her website many many times and
oogled her pictures. It was time that I put my money where my dick is and gave
her a call. Make that many many many calls. I only had a small window of
opportunity around Turkey Day and wanted to take advantage of her holiday
specials. She finally answered her phone on Black Friday evening. She had
spent the previous couple of days with fam so she couldn't get back to me. I
felt like I was talking to one of my favorite sports heros on the phone. She
gave me directions and reassured me that she was a [I][I]good[/I] girl, but I
reminded her that that isn't what her reviews say...=-) Her place was real easy
to find. When I walked in she was wearing some skimpy outfit...its all a blur
to me now...and she escorted me to the room. I used the restroom on the way and
then into the bedroom I went. Off came the clothes and we began some small talk
on the bed. I then started rubbing her pussy and kissing her lips. As I worked
her clit, she began moaning and I couldn't take it anymore...the passionate
lover in me awoke. As she approached her first orgasm I kissed her neck,
nibbled her ear, and kissed her mouth like I've never kissed before. She came
several times and then she told me she wanted to suck on my cock. I laid back
and she got right down to business. She has the softed lips I've ever felt.
Not a weak blowjob by any means. I just laid there looking into her big
beautiful eyes while she worked me with her mouth. I don't have the largest
member in the hobby, but she sucked my cock so nicely she made me feel like a
king! I was in a real predicament because she made love to my cock so well that
I wanted to kiss her while she was sucking, but that isn't possible so I had to
interrupt the sucking for some more kissing and then proceed. On went the cover
and we went to missionary. And there we stayed. I don't usually like
missionary that much because I seem to cum too fast, but I was able to really
enjoy the bounce of Hillary's muff for quite a while. We kissed hard while we
made love and she came several more times. I told her that I was about to cum
and she said she wanted to suck my dick. I stood on her veyr tall bed and
placed my hands on the ceiling. She took off the cover and looked up at my
while she worked my cock again. I told her I was going to come and I think she
actually winked and smiled at me with my cock in her mouth...what a pro! I
watched as I pumped my load into her mouth. She never broke eye contact. She
pulled her mouth off and opened wide to show me she had my whole load in her
mouth. Afterward we laid on the bed and talked about the profession and hooking
and hobbying and all that jazz. She gave me a couple of recommendations for
other providers. I really had a fun time. She let me take a quick shower and
all her towels were used up from having the family over for the holidays so she
gave me a bath mat. =-) I told her I would put that in the review. LOL we had
a good laugh about it. I will definitely be giving her a call the next time I
have the chance. Thanks Miss Muff! Or Muff'N Stuff! Or Hillary Muff! The
real question is: Are you MUFF enough?"

My First Overnight Review! 11/17/2010
"ive seen hillary 2x since my first review. i wanted more. weve always chatted via yahoo and she seemed so funny and witty. i was very curious about an overnighter. she talked me thru what it all included and i was very interersted in a girlfriend for the night. luckily, i had the house to myself one weekend so i asked hillary what her schedule looked like and if she might have time to be my gf for 8 hours. She Did!
That evening, right on time at 6pm, hillary walked in, dressed in a little dress and heels. she started the evening with one of her famous bbbj's. I LOVE THOSE!!! After I came, I jumped in the shower. while i was in there, i heard a sweet voice say 'need some help in there?' she scrubbed my back so good, i felt like i was in an AMP. after i dried off and got redressed and made us stir fry for dinner. she complimented my cooking like a lady. during dinner, she told me a few girls who she thought i would have fun with, which was really cool of her because im very new to this and sort of shy. the rest of dinner was full of her funny jokes and stories, I love a funny girl.
i sat down in the livingroom, and turned on football. she brought me a beer and then did the dishes. when she was done, she joined me on the couch, cuddled and regaled me with her extensive knowledge of football. the lady knows her stuff. i interupted the game to go into the bedroom.
we did it all kinds of ways. gfe, pse, doggy, mish, italian, french...the works. we musta screwed for 2 hours or something. when we fell asleep, she cuddled me.
in the am, we took a shower together and i managed to fit in a quicky before my time was up and she had to go home.

thank you for being my gf for the night hillary! you are such a fun and interesting lady! lets do it again soon!"

"Hillary is hot....................waayyy hotter than those pics let on......and the iciest blue eyes I've ever seen! They are gorgeous! She has the coolest attitude and is very funny! She complimented me on my looks(!?) and asked if we could do it in the elevator....great idea, but not in this mind frame......I had to see her naked tho. Once in her room, she put my 0mind at ease and even offered to have me stay and hang since she was low-key tonight and not taking anymore appts for the night! Such a sweet girl! watching her come out of her jeans and tee had me erectified! I placed the donation on the table and got naked. We DFK for quite a bit while exploring each other's bodies. Hillary had a sly smile and said "oh I'm gonna have some fun with you tonight' and led me to the bed.

We made out like teenagers and I had a field day on her deliciously HUGE tits. Sucking and licking them and hearing her moan my name led me south to her huge beautiful clit. (Read on her page that she loves daty-well so do I) I devoured her for about 20 minutes or so, coming up to focus on her nipples then back down for more. Before long she had a trembling loud O and pulled me up on her to suck her juices off my lips. She flipped me on my back and treated me to a record-books bbbj that had me stopping her numerous times for fear of blowing her head off! Hillary let out these little moans as she sucked my soul out and I was reaching my final countdown..... I grabbed a handful of that beautiful heartshaped ass and told her I needed to fuk her!
On came the cover (Not tooting my own horn but good thing she packs the bigger hats for us larger boys) and then she slowly got on all fours. I grabbed handfuls of that glorious ass and plowed away for the next 10 mins.........all the while thinking about how do I get my fukkn keys out! Such a tight juicy fit! After a few more minutes I flipped her over to mish.....mmmmm........lips, nips, legs and those pretty eyes!! Such a lethal combination.......After a few more minutes I felt myself getting close yet I had to feel her mouth again. Hillary more thank happily pulled off my hat and proceeded to suck my into oblivion. Her silky tongue and the warmth was too much to bear and let loose a gallon of family into her eager hot mouth!! WOw!! After Hillary caught every drop and licked me clean, she went to the bathroom to cleanup and came back with some wipes for my own mess!"


"She turned around so quick like a ninja and she got every drop!!! WOW!!! She went to the bathroom to get a towel to clean me off.
as she was cleaning me off I was thanking her for being so understanding!!! She said it looked like you had a very rough day so I wanted to put a smile on your face. "What girl you know says that???"


"Saw her on a friday afternoon in mid oct. It was early afternoon and decided to cut out of work early. Sent Hillary and couple of texts and we agreed to meet about 30mins later. I was looking for a great BNG. place was easy to find. She answered the door and I followed her to her room. Couple minutes of small talk and we both got comfortable and I began to get one of the best BNG's I have ever recieved. I reached the goal CIM..... She went to the bathroom and got some wipes to clean up with. Said our good byes and I could not walk my legs were wobbling and she made the comment as I walked out the door..... "wow you look like some one who just got great head" YES I DID.... Thanks Hillary you are a gem and great at what you do."


"I went into this appointment hot and bothered. i lef drained and refreshed.
when i walked in, hillary greeted me with some fresh dfk and a hug.
she pulled me into the room and before i knew it, my pants were at my ankles and my balls were on her chin.
it was amazing how deep she went down on my little man. wet and sloppy, jus how i love it
i slid on a cover and went to town in doggy
i began to get dressed but she threw me down on the bed and whispered in my ear "didnt you hear? im a MSOG girl!"
she stared slobbing on my knob again. i was still sensitive from busting so it was amazing how she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock
this was the most amazing bj i ever received
i barely croaked 'im going to come soon'
and she said, awesome, i have a surprise for you!
i busted all in her mouth and she jumped up so quick and it was gone! she swallowed!!!
I was so fucking amazed by how truly freaky this girl was!
she got me a warm wash cloth, gave me a kiss and showed me out
thank you, Hillary. you set the bar so high, no other provider will ever measure up.
you should charge more bc even after the tip, i felt like you STILL deserved more.
Undefeated queen of the bbbjtccim!!!"

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